Company Concept


1. Concept


Goal of our work is to provide our clients with advantages – be it financial or competitive ones. We achieve that ambitious target with our funded, high-quality counselling and reliable, flawless services. Where it’s reasonable, we rely on a cooperation with renowned business partners. We offer the whole range of universal finance services, trustee relationship and management consultancy. We always consider your individual situation and develop comprehensive solutions for you. Descretion is as important to us as seriosity. Or summarised: Your advantage is our concern.




2. Employees

  • Employees are of central importance to us
  • We support and challenge our employees
  • Improvement suggestions and objective criticism are seriously considered

3. Leadership

  • We lead by target agreement. These objectives are achieved independently
  • Controls and amendments are executive functions. The employer has the final responsability
  • Good performances of our employees are recognised
  • Errors are discussed in order to achieve improvements

4. Role model

  • We always have an effect: We are aware of our function as a role model and act accordingly

5. Communication

  • We inform in time, level-appropriate and tailored to target groups
  • We ensure that information is understood correctly
  • We support communication group-wide, among all levels and subjects
  • We talk to each other rather than about each other

6. Respect

  • We respect the diversity of people and we act accordingly to values and principles of our company’s culture
  • We listen without interrupting and take other opinions seriously
  • We take care about our environment within our possibilities (trash, waste management, consumption of material and energy)
  • We keep order and cleanliness in all work areas

7. Liability

  • We are on time and meet deadlines
  • We comply with agreements, instructions and regulations
  • We stick to earlier decisions

8. Profitability / result

  • Optimization of profits is our goal. Key figures are an indicator
  • Our thinking and acting are target-oriented. Cost-benefit and efficiency analysis are guidelines

9. Clients and providers

  • We are market-oriented
  • Clients and suppliers are our partners. We negotiate fair and hard to strive win-win-solutions
  • We know the market and create value for our customiers and suppliers

10. Thinking and acting in the company’s interest

  • We think and act in the interests of the company
  • We improve our services constantly and are open to new ideas
  • Problems are solved quickly and reliably
  • We take decisions and implement them immediately
  • We support a culture of independence and responsasbility