Consulting and Legal advice



We support your company in all stages of life. In the founding phase we supply your business with a solid legal and financial base. In the later day-to-day business we have the necessary distance to check and optimize strategies, structures and cycles. If you think about restructuring your company or arranging your succession we’ll support you in these areas too.


Foundation and expansion

  • Support and advice with the foundation of your company
  • Development of business planning and marketing strategies
  • Development of funding sources (venture capital)
  • Valuation of companies

Operational daily business

  • Rating of companies
  • Checking of production’s and material management’s efficiency
  • Development  and implementation of reconstructuring plans
  • Independant advice on important human resource decisions
  • Financial planning, internal controlling system, risk assessment and risk management
  • Break-even analysis, management of liquidity


  • Reorganisation of companies
  • Purchase and sale of companies or business units
  • Development of strategies for succession arrange-ments
  • Liquidity

Leagl advice


We analyse and support you with legal issues, be it labour, rent, bankruptcy or corporate law. In corporate law we support you with following subjects:

  • Administration of all formalities, for example mutations in your company (announcement in commercial register)
  • Preparation and logging of ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies as well as meetings of the Board of Directors

Additionally we develop new agreements and prepare documents as

  • Share purchase and transfer agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment contracts and references
  • Trust deeds
  • Suggestion for testamentary dispositions and estate distribution contracts

If needed, we prepare a financial statement in connection with your testamentary disposition, so you are able to manage your finances unhurriedly. In addition to our offered services in this subject Dr. Madörin assumes office as a testament executor.

An inheritance always causes consequences in tax law, for example concerning death and gift tax or even the division of income and wealth tax, which have to be considered.

Nevertheless fiscal question will become relevant for divorces, especially for common property (property gains tax). Our tax experts team is gladly available for requests and problems concerning this subject.


If it becomes necessary to consult a lawyer or a notary for your legal problem we are able to contact our partner network with it’s specialised experts and we can refer you to them without any delay.